Pitch coaching

In this intimate pitch coaching session led by Brianna McDonald, President of Keiretsu Forum Northwest Region, entrepreneurs can gain valuable knowledge including articulating your value proposition, what should be included in a company's pitch, as well as knowing what investors look for in a prospective company.  

A three part video series, Brianna's Pitch Coaching is a gateway into understanding the Keiretsu Forum Deal Flow. These videos are perfect for prospective companies, as well as interested investors who want to learn more about how Keiretsu preps companies.



Due Diligence Training

Led by Nathan McDonald, CEO of Keiretsu Capital, Due Diligence Training provides companies an overview of what makes Keiretsu the top angel group internationally; the Due Diligence Process. 

Due Diligence is a tool for both entrepreneurs and investors to inspect a company's value in all aspects. Written by interested Keiretsu Angels, DD provides an opportunity for company executives to form intimate relations with potential investors. Completing a due diligence report is two fold; investors can evaluate a company for investment, while companies can utilize the report for further funding elsewhere.